Winning Wednesday | Winning The War on Loneliness

It's Winning Wednesday and each week, I look at what I have done well. I know what you are thinking, what about me, Lulu?

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The win I am celebrating this week IS

completing a daily 10K WALK and using that as part of an evolving assault on loneliness.

So in order to create some more balance in my life I resigned from my classroom teaching post, last December and one of the major factors rivalling for first place in my day was my health.

I have been in out of hospital for the last 15 years... Not welcomed and not easy to remember. I promised myself, that my health would always be in my top five each day, after my time with God (Christ, devotional time- listen to ALL Revitalise episodes to find out more about my living faith) time with my husband, being home with my family, time with myself (I said what I said), then slotted somewhere in between is my health. No matter how loved and valued I FEEL by my home, my family, I cannot give them my best, if I am not at my best.

My health has finally become a priority, I was at the gym FIVE days a week, I had given up work, I had time, then LOCKDOWN hit and I quickly reverted to my old eating habits, old sleeping habits, my weight went back up, loneliness began to ensue.

Loneliness is a little like an annoying relative that shows just before you are about to start something that you love: your favourite show, activity...a nap. I am not talking about the winsome nature of well meaning relatives that care about you, NO I mean relatives that tell you (regularly) that you have put on weight, your hair is too short, coaching is not a real job. Loneliness makes you focus on what you do not have...

Does that sound familiar?

If I am really honest with you, I have battled with loneliness my whole life. I come from a very large, lively family so there is no shortage of company. I do believe, that loneliness can creep up on you no matter how successful, rich or how large your family is.

When I truly felt that I had won the war on loneliness was when I started waking up and liking myself.

Sounds weird doesn't it?

Now, I will not hide these things from you, I spent many years crying for weeks and days on end, not really knowing why, I had to address unpleasant things from my past and I also spent time praying. I actually voiced my worst fears in prayer, " Lord, what if I am never going to be good enough?" It was frightening and tiring trying to impress people all of the time.

I started journaling, I wrote down how I felt, even though I did not know why.

I just cried every time I felt the urge to.

I started reading more because I remember loving books as a child.

I started writing beautiful things to myself about myself on PAPER. Corny?

Do not care.

It felt good to say.

"Lulu, you are kind and generous, you live a lot and you love a lot. You are beautiful and intelligent."

Replace my name with yours.

So a daily combination of prayer, love, reading (Bible included- yes, I said it) and a 10K walk, I am winning and so can you.

I do find that every now and then, loneliness will pay a visit. But I have no space in my life for IT.

Too much love, too much light and too much joy and loneliness is now the odd one out. and no longer welcome along with negative words, people and things.

How do I keep loneliness away?

Smiling a lot.

Reading (40-60 minutes each day)

Walking (10K Mon-Fri)

Sleeping in (exhaustion and loneliness are flat mates)

Saying good things to myself about myself, writing them down and reminding myself daily about how thankful I am.

Time with people that love and value me.

Giving financially to my community.

Praying as often as I can- out loud, God loves us, Jesus love us- no matter how much mess we make in this world, He did not cause it.

We will always have free will. Some people are just wiser and kinder than others.

All of these things are my responsibility. I take full ownership of my own joy.

That is how I am winning on this Winning Wednesday and winning the war on loneliness, I am not immune or exempt from hardship, but I am AN overcomer and so are you.

Lots of love, light and joy.

Lulu xx


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