Why every Mum needs a pink tracksuit day...

7 days 168 hours Who on earth needs a break??? I do. You do. We all do. How do we fit in time to rest, in between feeds, changes, expressing? Now, I don’t mean ME TIME. I mean rest. I don’t mean SLEEP. I mean good old fashioned rest. What if you could just have 3-4 hours a week to do... Nothing. I know, UNREAL UNREALISTIC UNREALISABLE Actually. What if you could put a timetable together of your day and plan (loosely) what you would do with each portion of your day? I mean, you could plan in an hour’s lunch. Yes, you can. You can squeeze your favourite movie in during nap time. Then when the babies are awake, listen to your favourite playlist. The main thing is feeding yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually as much as you would nurse your children and feed your spouse. You matter.

How do you move forward from here?

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Oh and about the pink tracksuit. Get yours here https://viewer.ipaper.io/avon-western-europe/uk/2020/c05/c05-instant-brochure/?page=92

And join me on my weekly PINK TRACKSUIT DAY. I know. It’s awesome. It really is.

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