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How have you been finding home-schooling?

Be honest.

It can be tricky, even for those that are qualified teachers because you hardly ever teach your own children.

What is actually happening is instead of being out at work, you are at home (lucky you) working to some sort of timetable, for your family of four.

Then trying to do all of your work either whilst they are asleep or at the same time.

Not an easy feat.

If teaching your children, yourself has become too daunting, why not call Owl Tutors and ask a specialist to step in and support you with your child’s learning, whilst you are at home. This can all be done online!

You will have an opportunity to choose your child’s tutor based on your child’s learning style/need, then the sessions will be carried out online, a little like this:

Contact Owl https://owltutors.co.uk

Discuss your child’s/children’s requirements or goals

Choose your tutor

E-meet your tutor

E-introduce your children to their tutor

Agree on a start date

Then voilà

When is the best time of day for home learning?

As a mum and a teacher, I would highly recommend choosing a time slot that works for ALL of you. You do not need to supervise the session, because the teachers are qualified and vetted before an introduction is made.

However, setting up a mini work station nearby allows you to print off resources, if needed.The teacher can also let you know if your child has been given any homework, I mean I am sure your child will tell you, if they have been given extra homework, after having an online session for 1 hour and doing work all day…

The teachers at Owl Tutors will make sure that you children enjoy the lesson and they are always well pitched at your child’s level of learning or higher to extend them where necessary, whilst pushing them towards their goal.

How does that sound?

Save time

Having a specialist step in to help do the heavy lifting means that you will also save time… You can become your child’s study buddy if you are on a course, so that the moment the tutor is online, you can also sign into your work portal. Or you can use this time to get some light work done around the house, or even spend some quiet time with your little ones who do not care about the lock-down at all.

Reduce stress

Sharing the workload of home-schooling with a qualified teacher will greatly reduce your stress levels because the teachers at Owl Tutors will always show up:

- Prepared

- Smiling

- Willing

This means that you have a little less to think about each day.

You could book a tutor for as little two hours/ week to 2 hours a day, depending on the availability of your family and the tutor.

How are your stress levels now?

You’re welcome.

Don’t forget

Limit homework if children have made a good effort to focus during the day.

Keep them calm and busy with crafts, board games.

Encourage children to participate in errands and set up a rota for them to become a part of being at home during the day.

They will feel important and you will feel calm.

And finally

Would you prefer to have a tutor? Get in touch with Owl Tutors today https://owltutors.co.uk/

They are absolutely second to none on tailoring the match between families and tutors, they only employ qualified teachers and they are seriously good people.

They are absolutely second to none on tailoring the match between families and tutors, they only employ qualified teachers and they are seriously good people.

Still have questions?

Get in touch with me today.

Lulu Lincoln | Teaching Mums Ltd | Executive Coaching for Mums


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