Mummy, I'm bored!

How do we deal with boredom in our daily lives and then cater to AND stimulate our own children so that they know how to deal with boredom in their own lives?

Boredom is not always negative

Why do we sometimes see boredom as something negative? We are so used to mass information, over-stimulus and instant rewards, that the art of "just being" can easily be lost. I have, in the past, been so afraid to be alone with my thoughts that keeping busy helped me deal with insomnia, anxiety and people-pleasing. What I realised is that, boredom was not the issue. Fear was. I never wanted to be seen as being lazy, unambitious or boring, this stemmed from a deeper childhood fear of always striving for perfection, for social acceptance.

Then I was rushed into hospital and there was nothing I could do, except rest and be bored. It was the most intense 72 hours of my life, what I learnt was that boredom gave me an opportunity to rewire my brain and re-invent my life at a pace that meant I could actually enjoy being bored, not minding at all being called boring and just enjoy the freedom of developing into a better person.

It suddenly occurred to me that there must be millions of mothers out there that need a champion, a fellow mum to cheer them on in ay direction they choose. Not just a "Yaay, you're back to work- you are normal and we can like you again" BUT more of a gentle push in the right direction.

What is your next best step?

Hi Sweetie, I'm Lulu Lincoln and I am your Next Step Coach. I am walking your walk and talking your talk... School runs, breast-feeding, parents' evenings, playgroups. I started my family almost 16 years ago and our family will continue to grow over the next few years. But I am here




It's going to be fine.

Trust me.

Book your first session today and let's get you onto your next best step TODAY.




Resources for your children.

Essentials for you, Mum.

You're welcome.

Lulu xx

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