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Where have all of the mummies gone?

Couple families with three or more children are most likely to split their employment so that the father works full-time and the mother is not in employment.*

This study was carried out a few years ago, but unfortunately, according to a recent episode of BBC Radio’s Woman’s Hour (20.01.2020), the numbers, of mothers returning to work, are still fairly low. Babies are being born (and conceived…too much information) as we speak. If mums keep disappearing from employment, we may really have a crisis on our hands.

Mothers are (still) among the most highly skilled individuals across the globe. We are cooking, cleaning, eating, making and cancelling appointments, breast-feeding, changing nappies, snacking, napping all at the same time.

I can guarantee that by the time you get to the end of this post you would have already answered the phone at least once, planned the weekly menu, topped up your Oyster card and put a load of laundry in the drum.

Let’s face it, we are awesome.

What is the solution?

Not returning to work does not mean NEVER working again.

It can mean

1) Using your skills

2) Expertise

3) Working around the new found love of your life: poop-around-the-clock bedfellow (I don’t mean your spouse) – I mean the baby,

4) Looking at how many working hours you have in a week,

5) Using that time to do what you really love…

“Lulu”, you say, “I only have 30 minutes, each week, to do anything remotely close to what I love.”

Well, then my darling, that is where you start. Blank canvas. Rewrite your story.

To find out more about how to rebuild your time, skills and passions after having children why not get in touch with me?

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How? You tell me.

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Lots of love,

Lulu xx

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