Daily Maths at Home with White Rose

Make numbers fun again

How do teach Maths at home when you are not feeling so confident?

I can hear you screaming... I hate MATHS.

But why, numbers are your friends.

We use them all of the time

When we make calls

When we count how many emails are in our inbox

When we check our bank balances

When we bake (ok, when you bake)

When we are watching tennis

Why is it so different with our children’s learning?

Here are some tips for you

Keep it light

Start your children off where they are:

Early Years | Recognising numbers and mark making

Year 1 | Adding/subtracting two digit numbers

Year 2 | 2 5 10 X table

Year 3 | Adding/subtracting and multiplying 3 digit numbers

Year 4 | Recognising numbers of up to 4 digits

Year 5| Long multiplication and long division

Year 6 | All of the above plus being able to recognise, add, subtract numbers of up to 7 digits

Hold the phone. You can do all of those things, can’t you?

What I have shared above is a really simple overview of some of the Maths learning happening in each year group (Primary School only). But if you ask your children what they have been learning, they should be able to share with you the kinds of things that they have been doing in class over the past few weeks. If that doesn’t work, go to or and it will give you an overview of what each year group is learning, term by term called

Spring 1 | January- February

Spring 2 | March- April

Summer 1| April- June

Summer 2 |June-July

There should be six weeks’ worth of work in each section, with PowerPoints or video links.

It may seem a little unnerving, but you can also explain to your child that you are learning too and they are actually: “helping Mummy, Daddy, Granny” with their learning too.

Then it becomes fun and you don’t have to feel uneasy, if Maths is not your favourite subject.

Encourage children to answer “why and how do you know” questions. Then at the end of each day, ask them how much they remember. If they only remember your mistakes and not their own, why not ask them “What could I do differently tomorrow to help me with… adding 3 digit numbers to each other?”

How does that sound?

Now remember, there are lots of videos on YouTube that are fantastic for Maths: for example, Math Antics and Number Jacks.

Don’t forget

Limit homework if children have made a good effort to focus during the day.

Keep them calm and busy with crafts, board games.

Encourage children to participate in errands and set up a rota for them to become a part of being at home during the day.

They will feel important and you will feel calm.

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Still have questions?

Get in touch with me today.

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