Making Time for your own Children after School

How on earth can you teach, cook, clean, plan and make time for your own children after spending all day teaching somebody else's?

It is hard isn't it?

But not impossible?

Make list of what you want to complete before your class arrives in the morning



Slideshow or bullet points for Circle Time

Doing this in advance means that when you are spending time with your children, you are less likely to think about being in school.

Make time for yourself- Even if it is only 10 minutes

This is so you are energized and refreshed after a long day, this is a little bit more difficult with under 5's- but if you are comfortable with them having some screen time whilst you change, have a cup of tea and unwind then use that opportunity to mentally switch off from being at school all day.

Plan your time together in advance

For example if you have teenagers- why not choose a film together (that you can watch at home) earlier on in the week, that you can watch at the weekend.

When you plan your time together in advance, it helps to remove some of the resentment that comes along with sharing yourself and your time with others.

If you have very young children, why not invest in some chalk (or something easier to clean), you can spend time mark-making with them. They will be learning as you play together, but what is most important is your time with them and some form of physical contact.

Share something positive about your day

This will help your children understand what you really love about teaching and strengthen your relationship with them as they grow older. As they mature, you can reveal or conceal information as and when necessary.

Share something in your day that made you sad

This was my biggest challenge- why do we always feel that are children have to see us happy all of the time. Of course, be clear that it was work or another person that made you feel sad- but do not always feel like you have to put on brave face- I would say something like- "Mummy is really tired today and had a bad day at work, but I am so happy to be at home spending time with you, now." This will detach the child from your negative feeling and then lift the mood again.

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