Help! Three children, at home, no school

Help!! Three children, at home, no school

Timetable Timetable Timetable

Stick to a similar timetable that the children have at school.

9:00 Story (independent) Led by you (parent/carer) or tutor

9:30 Free writing (ask children to choose an object)

They can either describe the object or a person or write a story about it.

10:45 Break- out into the garden/screen time

11:00 Number work- Use blocks, cubes, cars, pencils (something concrete): children can use these objects to help them count.

You tube videos supporting child’s learning:

Worksheets here:

12:00-1:00 Lunch


Silent reading/ nap (for under 3’s)

Screen time (limit based on your level of comfort)

Craft – Upcycling

Use empty plastic bottles to make musical instruments

1) Fill bottles with colourful beads/rice/macaroni.

2) Paint the bottles.

3) Leave bottles to dry in the garden or on the windowsill.

3:00 Usual after-school routine/tutor visit

Limit homework if children have made a good effort to focus during the day.

Keep them calm and busy with crafts, board games.

Encourage children to participate in errands and set up a rota for them to become a part of being at home during the day.

They will feel important and you will feel calm. Cue freshly brewed tea.

You're welcome.

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