Goodbye Monday Blues | Hello Home Schooling BONANZA

Monday Blues | Hello Home Schooling Bonanza

Did you manage to survive the weekend?

Toilet roll? Check.

Quarantine, vegan, snacks? Check.

Annoying- I mean winsome, neighbors, offering to buy long life UHT milk? Check.

Children. I 2 3 4 Wait, where is James??

Here. Phew, Check

Now, the children have been off for a few days and you may well be

1) Pulling your hair out?

2) Working on your Tik Tok routine with your tweens?

3) Studying really hard for their GCSE’s in August

How can we help?

1) Ask your children to keep a diary of all of the strange things happening.

2-3 Paragraphs for confident Key Stage Two writers

1 paragraph for Key Stage One

A picture diary for Early Years

2) Ask your children to make an audio diary (voice notes) of their take on “Missing toilet roll”

3) Call your loved ones and relatives and tell them how much you love them.

Oh yes, the learning:

Here we go:

1) Check out (direct link from for a month’s worth of free resources, you can check what your child is learning at this stage of the year- Year 1 Spring 2 Maths

2) Download Powerpoints to go with your child’s topic- Halving and Doubling

3) Ask your child what they have learnt in that session and ask them to explain it to a younger sibling or another member of the family- this can be used as a soft assessment tool (jargon easy secret testing).

4) Play hide and seek, but then you go and make a cup of tea, pretend you cannot find them for 45 minutes.

As long as they are alive, they are fine.

I know. I’m a terrible mother.

You’re welcome.

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