CPD? What on earth is CPD and why do I need it?

How and when?

When I think about CPD, I can actually feel my brain going into snooze mode.

No, girls, not because I do not know what CPD stands for:

For those teaching in FE, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an important part of the role. CPD is the term used to describe the learning and training activities which professionals engage in to develop and enhance their teaching abilities.*

So there we have it, Continuing Professional Development.

This is not only important for teachers, this is also crucial for mothers. Why? I would say that your professional profile and development is more important now than ever before.

Here are five reasons why. Ok, ok, get yourself a yummy, hot cup of chai latte.

I can wait.


Have a look.

1) You will meet more professionals as a mother than you did before you had a tiny human.

2) You may decide never to return to work again (hooray) but you will still have to deal with your bank, accountant, child care provider, your child’s teacher, tutor or coach.

3) You will begin to socialise with other mums who will (in some cases) also be professionals (pre-mum or postpartum life).

4) You may decide to start a business.

5) You may decide to have more children.

6) Yes, I lied- there are MORE than 5 reasons. You may also decide to leave the house.

Now, I have a confession to make. I am more than happy to wear my pyjamas each day, it might not go down so well, post quarantine, at the post office, at church or family brunch.

My point is this, so much of our strength goes into raising our families and care-taking, we have to find a way to build up our own strength from day to day.

One of the many ways to do that is to invest in ourselves, by improving our professional development. That does not necessarily mean a career change or a four- year degree, it could be a short course, a podcast (https://anchor.fm/lulu-lincoln/episodes/CPD-For-Mums--When-and-How-edjigc) , a video or two or setting yourself up with a coach (lulu@teachingmums.com).

It’s just a little time for you, so that, whilst your heart is completely wrapped up in loving all of your people, you are also building yourself up mentally, intellectually, so that you can be available on demand- as is required for mum-life.

How and When


1) Create an inventory of the skills you already have.

2) Think about what you would like to do, that you CANNOT already do.

3) Get a coach, teachingmums.com,

4) Get the resources that you need,

A journal (https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/lulu-lincoln/not-just-a-mother/hardcover/product-1rvk4kyj.html),

A course (https://teaching-mums.teachable.com)

people, childcare.

5) Repeat steps 1-5.


1) When are you most effective? Morning, evening, during baby’s nap time?

2) When are you least likely to lose your temper? (Spend that time with your family)

Save the angry energy for angry typing during your course, it really does work.

3) Carve time out each day, week or month to help you BUILD THAT PROFILE.

It's your future, your family, your profile.

"Lulu, what if I never want to get back out there, go to work, eat, drink, sleep or live again?"

Then my darling, stop reading and make the call.

“Hi, I’m really struggling with the baby and life. Please help.”

+(44) 7479 535 689

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Listen to the CPD podcast episode here:


Let's talk.

Love Lulu xx

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*https://college.jobs.ac.uk/article/continuing-professional-development-cpd-in-further- education/ 05.05.2020

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