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I had the privilege of meeting with the very wonderful Sarah Hayton, of King’s Business School, on Tuesday 4th February 2020. She came to meet me outside the King’s Modern Language Centre and escorted me, across the busy, to the beautiful home of the King’s Business School. The learning spaces there were welcoming, practical, there were also break out rooms for 1:1’s, briefings etc…

Student Mother

I became a mum, whilst I was a student at King’s College University London, back in 2004, I was studying German (BA) full time and working part-time at Warehouse, Covent Garden. I did not know then, how much I would fall in love with my daughter, motherhood and continue my life-long love of all things business.

One of the things I remember from my time at King’s was how supportive my friends, lecturers and department leads were when they knew I was having a baby. One lecturer joked that I never really looked pregnant and may still be looking for us now!

I was given up to two years leave, extended essay deadlines, my daughter came to watch my shows and was known to walk the corridors of the department on assignment deadline days (this was before we could submit online, obvs).

I was also incredibly proud and honoured to hear my four year old shout across the Barbican, in her loudest voice “That’s my MUMMY” whilst I strutted, proudly in my Vivienne Westwood graduation cap and gown, Class of 2008 and graduated from university. My heart is full of incredible moments, from my time at the university.

When I found out that King's are now, well have been for some time, running business courses for entrepreneurs, directors, leaders, it was music to my ears. I knew the quality of the instruction and teaching would be matchless and the level of care and support would be amazing.

Suitable Courses for Mothers

Meeting with Sarah brought back such fond memories of everything I loved about King’s, I studied at King’s twice, so I basically spent 10 years of my life there! I know. I always felt safe and actually that feeling of safety returned, when I met with Sarah, she was friendly, accommodating, she was really interested in my business, in which courses I thought would be beneficial.

The highlight of the meeting for me was sharing why I resigned from my teaching post and decided to go into full time business. The reason I made the transition is because I love being a mum and I am proud to have that privilege of raising another human being. Sarah shared that mothers were more than welcome on the course and in fact encouraged to register and attend.

The courses are taught and led by both successful men and women, highly skilled and offering their expertise as part of the training on the courses.

Breast-feeding in public

As a mum, I am often thinking of two things, can I leave this room at a moment’s notice to pee and could I breast fee here? Those two things are really important to me, my immediate circle and my clients.

Both fine at the King’s School of Business.

No matter where you are on your journey as a mother, there will always be things that are dear to your heart. One of them may be that you want to pursue a career in business but do not know where to start.

Are you a mum?

Are you a working professional, hoping to move into the next phase of leadership?

Have you ever thought about starting a business?

Are you unsure of what training you need to build a business?

Next best step?

How will move from where you are now to where you really want to be?

I can certainly help you with your next best steps. Book now |

But get in touch with Sarah Hayton for any business training that you need for yourself, your colleagues or your team.

Sarah Hayton

Executive Education, Open Programmes

King’s Business School, Bush House, London

[T] +44 (0) 7973839101 [E]

What choices can you make today that will help you to be happier, more mentally stable in the future?


Mums are safe at the King’s Business School.

It’s a lot to think about, isn’t it?

What’s your next best step?

Let’s talk xx

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