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This is the LAST segment of my #500daysofsummer series!! Hasn't it flown??

I will not bore you about the weather, but I will say SUMMER has schmoresome (sounds like awesome but with schmore- sorry not sorry).

I thought and thought about what I would share with you today...

Then it came to me! I need some advice.

Soooo I asked my very wonderful (and hunky) husband and best friend Mr Lincoln.

I know I am very brave for asking one of the few people that sees me before 5am (cue #ninjamum) and after 5pm about what I should be doing well to avoid burnout and crying everyday until next July.

Here are three tips from Mr Lincoln:

#1 Save some of your passion for home

Ouch and very spicy!

#2 Don't take everything so personally

What on earth do you mean darling? Are you trying to say I am sensitive? Meee. No, I'm not and do not make me cry two days before school.

#3 Not everybody likes to do things your way.

Wait, whaaaat??

That's not true, so let's not be silly Daddy.

That's it. Wow. Very honest and very helpful.

Thank you Mr Lincoln xxx

For full episode click here: https://anchor.fm/lulu-lincoln

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