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So today we hit 1000 downloads on Each Mum Reach Mum Teach Podcast!

What a morning...

How did we get here?

First of all, a huge thank you to you for tuning into the show, each day, week and month!

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What is your impossible thing?

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Let's talk.

Love Lulu xx

Teaching Mums Ltd is an Executive Coaching Company |

Specialising in Education and Parenting.

She was created by a mum like you for a mum like you.

Coaching | Training | Teaching | Empowering | Developing mums to take their next best step.

Family | Work | Life | Home | Business | Marriage | Children | Education | Continuing Professional Development | Relationships | Health | Mental and Emotional Wellness | Spiritual Health

What is your next best step?

Visit teachingmums.com today, get in touch with Lulu Lincoln about what your family needs now and how best Teaching Mums can support you.

Each Mum | Reach Mum | Teach Mum

Lulu Lincoln founded and is now the director of Teaching Mums Ltd, she provides tailored coaching and resources to mums and their entire families and works in partnership with Destiny 7 | Releasing Young People to their Full Potential.

She is based in London | Christian, wife, mum, business owner, podcast host (https://anchor.fm/lulu-lincoln) and author.

She has over 15 years of experience:

Education | Early Years |Primary |Secondary

Christian Ministry | Theology | Praise and Worship |

Parenting | Work life balance | Working from Home | Life as a Student Parent | Home Schooling |Pregnancy Counselling | Building a thriving Home | Creating a Life based on Strengths |

She attended Streatham and Clapham High School and then went on to read German, Systematic Theology at King’s College University London, before qualifying as a teacher, crisis counsellor, coach and obtaining a Diploma in Law.

Teaching Mums Ltd is the umbrella company that also provides other services:

Revitalise | Perspire | Inspire | Expire | https://anchor.fm/lulu-lincoln

Send prayer requests here: lulu@teachingmums.com

Connect here : teachingmums.com | Instagram | Twitter |Linked In @officialteachingmums | Lulu Lincoln

Flutterby | online gift shop | Gifts |Books |Furniture | teachingmums.com

Lincos Kitchens | Renovate and Revamp your entire home | Quality Guaranteed

Book you free quote here | lincoskitchens.com | +44 (0) 7478 888 164

You can buy Lulu Lincoln’s latest books here:

Children’s Book | I’m Actually Not a Giraffe


Poetry Book and Journal | Not Just a Mother


You can buy resources for your home, classroom and children here:


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